• The FlyLady Premium Team

    Once you choose a mentor package and join Premium, you'll have the option to choose one of our incredible FlyLady Mentors!

    FlyLady Kat

    St. Johns, Florida

    Kat found Flylady in 2001. With the help of Flylady, a clean, organized & clutter free home has been a blessing. She is so thrilled to be a FlyLady Mentor & cannot wait to help you discover the peace of an organized & clean home and to help you discover the time to enjoy your family, your home, yourself and all that you love!

    FlyLady Conda

    Asheville, North Carolina

    FlyLady Conda was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. In 2004, a flood  literally floated Conda's business down-river. FlyLady’s techniques helped her endure the chaos that ensued after the upheaval of her business. Since 1999, she has had a yearning to meet the FlyLady and to help others. Conda is blessed with the opportunity to train her new FlyBabies.


    FlyLady Tami

    Hickory, North Carolina

    FlyLady Tami has been flying for 15 years. She has six children all of whom are homeschooled by her, and she teaches the FlyLady system to her children. They work together to bless their home using principles learned from The FlyLady, Marla Cilley. Tami enjoys sharing with others how Flying frees you, and she wants to help you establish routines to get you out of CHAOS.

    FlyLady Emma

    Tauntaon, Somerset, England

    Emma is from the United Kingdom. She discovered Flylady back in 2001 while looking for ideas to help her keep up with her busy home life. Emma had three children aged 5, 4 & 3 with a husband away many hours a day. When Emma found Flylady it was like a switch came on, she realized that someone understood what she was going through & how hard it can be when you are not naturally organized. Emma has developed routines that work in her home, she no longer lives in CHAOS. This has allowed her to develop other skills and a love of crafting in all its forms.

    FlyLady Karen

    Danville, Virginia

    Karen has been Flying since 1999 & has three grown children & two grandchildren. She is committed to changing lives by helping others learn that the most important things in life are not objects and that people are not defined by their possessions. She finds great satisfaction in mentoring Flybabies, as they finally love themselves and turn chaos into peace.

    FlyLady Lindy

    Madison, Mississippi

    Linda discovered Flylady in 2000 & established habits and routines that were life-changing! She is honored to share Flylady's wisdom to help you create a home of order & peace! She was an elementary school librarian for most of her 35 years in education. She and DH have 3 children and 6 grands and live in the house her great-grandfather built in the 1940's - the never-ending project!

    FlyLady Renee

    West Allis, Wisconsin

    Renee was BO to the point of exhaustion until she found FlyLady 3 years ago thanks to her MIL. Fly lady gave her the family back that she so cherishes by learning that it is okay to stop cleaning. She has worked in the health care field for most of her life teaching patients to turn their weakness into strength. She is helping people who suffer from hoarding & OCD to clean & organize their lives.  She is looking forward to helping you on your journey to your new organized life.

    FlyLady Jennifer

    Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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